24 Jul Capturing Dance Choreography in Cuba

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Since the early days of my touring I have had interest in photography. This quickly became a passion and a parallel activity to my dance related work or travel. I began shooting with film in 2004 and slowly migrated to digital.

I love to create movement and then shoot it against architecture or landscapes, or create a situation and direct the scene to shoot. This is when I can immortalize the moment, controlling every aspect of the picture. Being a choreographer really helps shaping angles and communicating with the dancer.

I bought a FUJIFILM X-E2 late 2015 for my travel and street photography as my Canon camera felt too imposing for street photography. I had been a Canon user since day one but in April this year, after getting my hands on the FUJIFILM X-T2, I have swapped all my Canon kit for Fujifilm. I have retained portability with an amazing performance delivery from my Fujifilm cameras. I feel like it’s given me a second breath of inspiration with photography. I now have no excuse to not shoot during my work, travels or day to day commutes!

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