06 Mar Capturing Daily Life In Hyderabad With Fujifilm GFX50R

Source: Fuji Love

When I got invited by my friend Kelly to come and visit India I immediately took that opportunity and went! She lives in Hyderabad, the “Silicon Valley” of India. A lot of Western software and other big companies have their residence in that very fast expanding city. The contrasts couldn’t be bigger, with stylish modern glass and concrete buildings, surrounded by dusty and chaotic streets and slums. I was only interested in the life on the streets. I like to connect with the people I photograph first, but I don’t speak a word of Telugu and most of the people I photographed didn’t speak English, so I had to use gestures and kindness to communicate. Because of the language barrier most of these photos have been made within seconds or maximum a couple of minutes after I spotted my subjects. I wanted to travel light, with absolute minimal gear and maximum picture quality, so I packed my GFX50R along with the GF 110 and the GF 23 mm. As a backup I took my trusted X-T20 with the XF 18-55. The GFX50R turned out to be the perfect camera for the street portraits I had in mind. At a market place my […]

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