03 Jan Capture One vs Lightroom from someone who uses both

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Capture One vs Lightroom is a topic that is becoming increasingly loaded lately. As capture One has gained more and more popularity, some Lightroom users have been pushing back, and the arguments between the more ardent of fans have been getting worse and worse lately. A lot of this is down to people wanting to switch to Capture One as an alternative to Lightroom for various reasons, but in a lot of cases, because they don’t like the subscription model. Some in the Lightroom community seem to be really perturbed by this and are lashing out at capture one users. There’s been a lot of misinformation thrown about over the past few weeks, and so as someone who uses both applications, I wanted to try and set the record straight, in as fair a way as possible.

Features vs Functions

One of the complaints about Capture One from Lightroom users is that they don’t understand why it’s called “pro” or why someone would consider it “high end”.

This may seem like an obvious or silly question, but the answer probably isn’t what you think. While Capture One and Lightroom share many of the same functions, they aren’t really the same, as in my opinion Capture One is more of a high-end tool. This may be a controversial opinion, but Capture One and Lightroom, aren’t really directly competing in some respects as they occupy different segments of the market. Capture One is a more focussed tool and more high-end

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