22 Feb Capture One Pro Workflow for Fujifilm

Source: Fuji Love

As many of us are aware, Capture One have launched their complete support for Fujifilm cameras. Most surprisingly, this even includes the GFX line of cameras. Several versions of the software are available ranging from the free version supporting only Fujifilm cameras to a fully featured version supporting cameras from various manufacturers. In version 12, support was added for Fujifilm’s Film Simulations, so now we have a workflow that is Fujifilm specific! Capture One takes a slightly different approach to Digital Asset Management (DAM) than many other software packages, so we’ll begin there as it is a source of confusion for many. The two basic ways you can have Capture One take care of your files are called Sessions and Catalogs. Catalogs are a familiar way of working for many but lack some key features that Lightroom and others have, such as easily importing and exporting between catalogs. Sessions, on the other hand, are self-contained folders that are designed to keep a specific shoot or project neat and tidy. Thus, the main difference between catalogs and sessions for our purposes is their intent. A catalog is designed more as an archive, whereas a session is designed to be a contained unit […]

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