14 Dec Capture One Pro 12 Fuji Film Simulation Comparison (ACROS)

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ACROS Film Simulation

Phase One introduced support for Fuji Film Simulations with the release of Capture One Pro 12 and I decided to take my Fuji X-T3 to Old Spitalfields Market in London to complete a RAW vs JPG comparison.

I like to shoot in Fujifilm ACROS and I have completed entire shoots in JPG but with the simulations built in to Capture One it may be time to ditch the JPG workflow.

Market Traders

The JPG straight from the X-T3 is visibly sharper than the default output from Capture One Pro 12 but this is expected given that the default sharpening is fairly low and that the output did not have any further sharpening applied. Click the image for the full-size version.

JPG from Camera – Fuji X-T3 – 16-55mm
Fujifilm ACROS film simulation (Green Filter)

The Capture One output shown below closely matches the ACROS JPG produced in camera. The tones of the Black and White are very good. Capture One conveniently applies the Film Simulation that was set at the time of exposure to the imported file.

Comparing this image and a number of others taken on the day I think that there is less of a need to shoot RAW+JPG when using the in-camera film simulations. The RAW files closely match the JPG equivalent without the need for further processing and benefit from the flexibility of the RAW data,

RAW converted in Capture One Pro 12 – Default Settings
Fuji X-T3 – 16-55mm – ACROS film simulation (Green Filter)

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