19 Oct Capture One Not (Currently) Supported on MacOS 11 Big Sur

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Capture One just released an important tech note that you should be aware of if you’re running the software on a Mac. The application does not currently support MacOS Big Sur. With the release of the next version of MacOS imminent, you should be aware of this before you upgrade, especially if you use Capture One in a work or production environment.

In the support document, which you can read in full here, they caution against upgrading to Big Sur if you use Capture One, noting that:

“You may find that the application runs on an unsupported operating system, but we cannot guarantee this. If you must have the latest version of macOS installed, test your workflow end-to-end before putting it into a mission-critical production environment.”

They also note that while they always try and support the latest operating systems, but it can be difficult to support a new release, especially a major one, initially. I strongly suggest you read the full note if you’re a Mac user and you plan on upgrading.

While there are reports of the software running on the beta version, it is important to note that, just because someone reports that they can run the application, don’t assume that you can run every aspect of it without any problems or issues.

I know every time a new OS comes out and software isn’t supported right away, some people get annoyed, citing the long public beta period. You should be aware though,

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