27 May Capture One M1 Native Version Released – What it’s like on an M1 Mac (video)

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Capture One today released the latest version of the software, and it now runs natively on Apple Silicon. The new version has also re-written the acceleration code to use Metal instead of Open CL. The result should be greater stability and less acceleration issues on Apple Silicon Macs. In order to give you an idea of what the software runs like on an M1 Mac, I recorded a little video.

(Note: I made a small mistake in the video where I mentioned that Metal support is for both Intel and M1 Macs – it’s not, it’s just for Apple Silicon.)

In this video I take the new M1 (Apple Silicon) version for a test drive and show you what it’s like to use the software on an M1 Mac. Instead of doing some arbitrary benchmarks, I show you what its actually like to use by importing images, doing some edits and batch exporting. Know I didn’t test every feature or compare it to lots of different computers running the software (because I don’t have lots of different computers) I though the best way to show it was to just show it. Most people spend their time editing rather than running benchmarks or speed tests, and so this was the best way in my opinion to give you a feel for what it is like to use on an M1 Mac.

Capture One 21 version 14.2 is available now, and the Mac version is a universal binary, so it

Capture One M1 Native Version Released - What it’s like on an M1 Mac (video) posted on Thomas Fitzgerald Photography on

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