22 Jul Capture One 21 update released, adds new Magic Brush, improved Exporter and more

Source: DP Review

Capture One has released the latest update to Capture One 21, bringing the photo editing software to version 14.3.0. The new update adds new and improved features, expanded capabilities, bug fixes and new camera and lens support.

Key new features added to Capture One 21 (14.3.0) include a new Magic Brush, designed to quickly create complex masks, a redesigned Exporter, improved organization tools, and improvements to tethering, particularly for Fujifilm and Leica cameras. Concerning tethering, it’s now possible to trigger an exposure from within Capture One tethering LiveView when using Fujifilm cameras. For Leica users, you can now adjust focus using the Focus Nudge tool.

Looking first at Magic Brush, the new tool can be found in the Layers Tool or the Cursor Tools menu. Capture One states that the tool allows you to brush and mask areas of similar color quickly. ‘Simple draw a line or a doodle on the area you wish the mask to cover and Capture One will fill the space automatically.’ Magic Brush will find and fill the area of similar pixels, enabling a quick way to mask areas of similar color, including grayscale, so that you can focus your edits on localized parts of your photo.

In the new update, Capture One has redesigned the software’s Exporter. All export options are now visible in one place. Further, a new Proofing Viewer visualizes the final image with all user output settings applied, ensuring that you achieve your desired result.

Capture One 21 update released, adds new Magic Brush, improved Exporter and more posted on DP Review on .

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