16 Jan Capture One 21 Service Update Available: New Camera Support and More

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Capture One has released a minor update to Capture One 21, bringing it to version 14.0.2 which adds support for some new cameras as well as some other fixes. Full details below

New camera support

Canon 850D (Including tether support) Leica M10-R Leica Q2 Monocrom Leica S (Typ 007) (Native file support) Nikon Z6 II (Including tether support) Nikon Z7 II (Including tether support) Panasonic DC-S1M Panasonic DC-S1RM Panasonic DC-S5

New File Support Capture One 21 (14.0.2) supports the Fujifilm Pixel Shift Multi-Shot DNG file types released with the Fujifilm GFX 100 3.00 firmware update*, including support for Fujifilm Film Simulations. *Tethering using Pixel Shift Multi-Shot is not supported.

Bug fixes Mac

Fixed an issue where negative values in Dehaze on a Layer would darken the image. Fixed an issue where closing Live-View might crash Capture One. Fixed an issue where the Dehaze Tool help links were broken.

Bug Fixes Windows

Fixed an issue where Next Capture Location had wrong descriptions. Fixed an issue where Projects sometimes excluded images incorrectly. Fixed an issue where images in Trash might get deleted when deleting their original destination folder. Fixed an issue where adjustments would fail to copy and apply between images of different orientation if a Heal Layer was present. Fixed an issue where the rating of a paired set of images (RAW + JPEG) would disappear if one of the variants was deleted. Fixed an issue where the Style preview disappears when right-clicking a Style.

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