30 Nov Capture One 12 Launches With Powerful New Features

Source: Fujifilm Insider

In the three years since a Danish upstart arrived as an urgent replacement for Aperture when Apple killed their pro photo app, Capture One has come into its own, maturing from software once primarily used in studios to a daily app for a wider range of photographers that manage high volumes, work primarily in RAW and expect precise image editing.

Shipping a free version of their software with every Sony camera has helped their market position too. Last year they released styles, and roundtripping with Photoshop means it’s a compatible app in a creative workflow rather than an either/or competitor.

When I return to my studio with 10K photos, those aren’t getting synced to the Adobe cloud but managed with Capture One. While on the road and traveling light with an iPad Pro, I use Lightroom for select photos.

I’m not saying you can’t use Capture One as a standalone app, you sure can, but until such time that they have a cloud offering, I’m happy with Adobe and Capture One on my desktop and mobile devices.

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