11 Jun Canon Gx7 Mark II for Street

Source: LightTraveler

Whilst away this weekend working in Scotland I made a stupid mistake. I was in a rush whilst working in Glasgow Wex and left my X100F and X70 in the store ! Locked up in Fujifilm Jail for the weekend.

I woke up Sunday and realised what I had done and then had to face the whole prospect of a day out in Glasgow with my friends shooting Street without a camera ! I could not cope with that prospect, so went to Argos and after a search through the Argos Catalog (how old school was that) I decided the Canon Gx7 Mark II would be a great pocket Street Camera, so brought one.

We all met up soon after my early morning purchase in Caffee Nero. The guys all looked at me with a new Canon on charge like I had two heads. You can only imagine the comments ! Canonholics was mentioned more than once !!

After charging the battery to about half full I then plugged it in my power bank and off we went. I love the powerbank option for a start.

I was not expecting much as I am a Fujifilm addict and the Gx7 only has a 1″ Sensor and I am a 1.5 Crop kinda guy. It’s also a Zoom and I am a Prime addict. I suppose the worst part was the fact the on off switch on most of the Fujifilm Cameras is a switch around the shutter

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