08 Aug Canon at last getting serious about mirrorless

Source: Macfilos

Canon EOS M5 at its Photokina, 2016 launch, seen here with a 35mm EF lens and mount adapter

The smaller, lighter range-finder-style EOS M6 has been a success for Canon and could encourage the company to put more effort into the mirrorless market

News that Canon’s sales of mirrorless cameras soared by 76 percent in the second quarter of 2017 shows that the introduction of the EOS M6 and M5, the first passable attempts at competing head on with Fuji and Sony, have begun to turn the tide.

It is well recognised that both Canon and Nikon came late to the mirrorless field and both have found it difficult to break into the market. This is strange because both Japanese manufacturers should have been encouraging their huge user base. Perhaps, as many people believe, the companies were afraid of cannibalising their golden-goose DSLR sales. The same accusation has in the past been levelled at Leica in attempting to protect the M rangefinder. In the case of all three companies it was a shortsighted policy, one which Leica, at least, seems to acknowledge.

It’s a major step for any DSLR owner to switch to, say, Fuji or Sony because it means buying a new bagful of lenses. But given an acceptable home-brewed alternative, such as the M6, and the path becomes much smoother. While the EOS mount requires an EF adaptor, Canon claims that any lens from the EF and EF-S (including specialist glass) can be mounted on the EOS M5 and M6.


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