03 Apr Canadian Road Trip

Source: Fujifilm Insider

The drive from Canmore to Jasper is only about 4 hours. But when you stop at the Columbia Icefield with 80 Km winds, a haze of snow blowing at the upper altitudes and clouds suggesting an armageddon, well, you just need to get out and stay a while!

The Icefield was deserted, so unlike warmer times of the year. This made it especially enjoyable to have it all to oneself! The scene is massive, the sky huge and the impression, long lasting.

Closer to Jasper, the broad valley with the meandering Athabaska River snakes north to the Arctic Ocean. The snow is receding along the fast flowing water, leaving small shelves of snow. Under one such shelf, a tiny icicle dripping water. In order to capture this tiny scene, a hole in the sand was dug to put the camera into. The tricky part was trying to time a shot just before a drop of water was about to fall! …

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