13 Sep Can Older Fujifilm Cameras Still Do the Job?

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We always seem to be in a photographic arms race. Yesterday’s cutting-edge camera or lens becomes today’s dust gatherer as we eagerly put down our money for the ‘new and improved’ model. In many cases, it is the proper thing to do, especially if the new piece of gear is capable of giving the photographer images unobtainable otherwise. If you need those capabilities, and have the coin to place an order, do not hesitate. But, and it’s a big but, is there an alternative? I enjoy using new equipment as it debuts, but is there another way to achieve heretofore new results without mortgaging the family farm? Let me share a few of the lessons I’ve learned as I’ve stumbled through my professional life. Is the purpose of using a camera and specific lens to capture an image you’ve created in your mind, or is it to prove to yourself your new piece of gear will do what you want/hope it will and you like the way it looks? Personally, I have a hard time sidelining a good performer with life left in it for the sake of more megapixels. Among my equipment is the original X100. I love that […]

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