15 Jan CamFi Pro Plus brings wireless tethering to 3rd party apps (video)

Source: DP Review

Wireless camera controller maker CamFi has launched an improved version of its CamFi Pro model, the CamFi Pro Plus. Like the Pro, the new model offers wireless tethering for more than 500 camera models from all major brands.

In addition you can now directly tether to your favorite third-party applications, such as Capture One, Lightroom, EOS utility, Sony Pixel and others, all via WiFi. As before, the camera is controlled remotely via the native CamFi app.

In its own tests, CamFi found the maximum Wi-Fi speed to be approximately 10MB/sec. 20MP Raw files need approximately three seconds to transfer from your camera to the computer using the Capture One software,

Third party tethering works with Windows and Mac computers. A full list of supported cameras is available here. The new CamFi Pro Plus will set you back $339 but existing Pro users will be able to upgrade for $40 from the 18th of January. More information is available on the CamFi website.

Press Release:

CamFi Announces CamFi Pro Plus, Adding Fast Wireless Tethering for 500+ Cameras

Guangdong, CHINA—DECEMBER 18, 2018—CamFi, maker of wireless camera controllers, announced the release of CamFi Pro Plus today. This new product adds the wireless tethering feature for 500+ cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax and more. All DSLR cameras which support USB tethering can be supported by CamFi Pro Plus.

“This is a big step for tethering technology,” said Mark Ma, the CEO of CamFi Limited. “It will improve the productivity….

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