21 Jan California Calling

Source: Fuji X Passion

Mastering the use of colour, light and contrast, Ali Harfouche, from California, produced one of the most inspiring body of work we have seen lately. In this interview, Ali describes his workflow and the equipment he uses to shoot on the streets.

Hi Ali, could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Ali, I’m 42 and I live in San Diego California.

When did you get interested in Photography and what genres of photography you started to do initially before you specialize in street photography?
My first artistic outlet was drawing/illustration. I started in pre-school back in the late 70’s… My interest for photography started in the early 90’s, mostly fashion, black and white photography. I used to collect fashion magazines and use the pictures as either reference or inspiration for my drawings.

I would later buy either a Polaroid or an old film camera and take pictures of landscapes, cityscapes or anything I needed to help make my drawing more realistic. Photography was more of a mean to an end type of thing. Then the digital age came along with adobe Photoshop and it made things a lot easier.

Later my passion for illustration died and I found myself in an artistic phantom zone for a few years. Then along came the iPhone and shortly after, mobile photography became a thing and I caught the bug in 2011… it was all landscape and cityscape. I wasn’t happy if there was a human being in the picture. Times have changed….

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