10 Dec Buying Trash helps creativity, says VSCO

Source: DP Review

The owner of mobile imaging app VSCO has bought the mobile video app Trash and intends to integrate the AI movie editing features into its own offering. VSCO CEO Joel Flory says his team has been concentrating on video a lot this year and by acquiring Trash, it will be able to improved VSCO’s video features using technology the Trash team has developed.

Trash uses artificial intelligence to identify crucial moments in video footage and can automatically make cuts to help those with little editing skills produce a polished result. The cut video created by the app can be re-edited and adjusted by the user once it is done, but the idea is that the app does all the hard work and gets you started. Now though the app in its own right is closing down and users need to check they have download their video materials before it closes on 18th December.

Below is a walkthrough of the Trash iOS app from YouTube channel App of the Day:

VSCO has a user base of over 100 million people and more than two million subscribers, according to Trash founder and CEO Hannah Donovan. It seems her team will be joining VSCO and will gradually release the features that Trash offered in the VSCO app.

No mention of the amount of money VSCO has paid for Trash is mentioned by either party. Previously, Trash was only compatible with Apple devices, but now its features will

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