28 Feb Budget time

Source: Don Craig

Working with the GFX 50S

Government photography is back in full swing after a Winter break. One of the markers of a new legislative session is the announcement of a budget by the sitting government. I can’t remember how many of these events I have documented. In order to keep things fresh and to keep it interesting for me, I often try out a new or different camera and possibly create a time lapse from the event. This year I did both.

When I decided to shoot a time lapse of this year’s Budget, I also had to use a different second body for shooting the event, as the X-T2 would be stuck to the tripod for the duration. So, I pulled out the GFX 50S and the GF63mm f/2.8 lens to use as my second camera.

There is no doubt about the image quality that the GFX produces. And the GF63mm lens is certainly fast enough. So, perhaps, the most challenging shots I made with the camera where the panning shots that I attempted. Given the relatively slow continuous frame rate, it was indeed a challenge. But, like most things, you can find a way to make it work. And, I was happy with the one frame of the Minister walking on stage shown here. Overall, a success…

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