27 Dec Broughton Archipelago

Source: Don Craig

A different kind of light

Work. It’s interesting. One day I might be making a portrait, the next I might be shooting inside a bio-waste facility (really!). Often, it takes me to beautiful corners of the province that I might otherwise not see.

Last week, I drove up to the northern part of the island to visit Broughton Archipelago and a small community called Alert Bay. I have been before in Summer. It is a different place in December. Quiet and grey, the light lends itself to monochromatic image making. My government photos are almost always in colour, but here you will see what I saw, in black and white.

As this was a work job, I only took my X-series cameras and lenses. I will return with my GFX 50S for a prolonged stay to make some slower images. They might also be in black and white!….

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