13 Jul BROMPTONgraphy

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It’s almost two months since I added the most expensive photography accessory to my set-up. I must say this accessory; not only keeps me a little  fitter but also brings me to many beautiful places that I have not been to. Bromptongraphy is is a new term for me. Blending both of my favorite activities. Photography and cycling. As you can see that my Brompton has a little retro feel to it; especially with the tan leather brooks saddle and also the tan handle bar grip. What better camera to match this retro looks other than my two favorite Fujifilm X cameras. The X-Pro2 and its younger sibling; X100F. For each cycling adventure I would either bring one of these 2 retrolious camera. For X100F, I will also bring both the WCL and TCL as part of my set-up. For X-Pro2, Either a XF16mm or XF23mm plus a XF90mm. Here are some pictures to share from my Singapore  “expedition”. Maybe I should start a photowalk; I mean photo-biking soon. Anyone keen join me?

Broad walk at Labrador Park. X-Pro2 + XF90mm

Ray of Hope. X100F + WCL

Jurong East. X100F + WCL

 East Coast Park. X-Pro2 + XF16mm

Temple roof. Xpro2 + XF90mm

Lower Seletar Reservoir. X-Pro2 + XF23mm

Nature is the art of God. Thomas Browne. X-Pro2 + XF23mm

Construction industry; a sunrise or sunset industry? X-Pro2 + XF16mm

X-Pro2 + XF90mm

Mr jogger caught me photographing him. X-Pro2 + XF16mm.

My first selfie with

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