20 Jul Bristol #FujiholicsBRIS16

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I have been planning the Fujiholics Photowalks for a couple of years now and get amazing amount of pleasure out of leading the walks. The Fujifilm Family is what its all about and as much as it sounds corny it really is about putting the Social back into Social media !

On Thursday the 20th July  I made my way to Bristol, quite a long journey from Mossley Hill Station in Liverpool then on to Bristol Temple Meads. Booked in advance this is a £30 single with TheTraineline.com my next blog post will give full details of how I use this service and why.

I had a meeting in Bristol on the Thursday, then on Friday I had my last Street Photography workshop with Calumet UK. I have run a series of workshops with Calumet over 2017 in various city’s but that was the last one for Calumet. I am also bringing my own Street workshops to a close in 2017 as I want to focus on more personal work in 2018.

Very wet day for the guys for the Calumet Worksop and nice to see so many Fujifilm X Series cameras on the day. I used my XPro2 and 23mm to walk around with, instead of my X100F mainly because the XPro2 in weather resistant.

We had a great day out on and about on the Street of Bristol despite the rain.

On Saturday we met up at @Bristol for the start of the Fujiholics photo

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