21 Feb Breaking the wall of indifference – one refugee at a time

Source: Olafs Photoblog

Last time we went berserk with our personal rant about street photography. Thank you all for your feedback and thoughts. The worst that can happen to the craft of photography is avoiding difficult topics and refraining from honest conversations.

Today, I would like to talk about something much more important. There is no question that the last few months have been very contentious. All I had to do was open up my social media feeds and a generous supply of political opinions and arguments flew my way – whether I wanted them or not. Most of the time I tried to stay out of it. It is not that I didn’t have an opinion – far from it! Those of you who read my blog know that I can spout off without much incentive. I avoid engagement for one good reason – my health.

Well, I changed my mind or rather my mind has been changed by a series of random events. Let me explain.

I will never forget when I was a teenager my parents took me for a trip from eastern Berlin to western Berlin – back then separated by the infamous Berlin Wall. When you approached the Berlin Wall from the west side you could climb small viewing platforms which allowed you to take a peek at the other side. Late at night when looking at west Berlin you saw lights, music, sometimes people laughing, partying, the sounds of a busy city…

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