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Bokeh in Perspective 10th March 2016 written by Joel Wolfson Bokeh in Perspective Why all the Hype?

Although this image may not be about bokeh it is of bokeh and therefore one might be concerned about the actual bokeh and whether the relative quality of bokeh does or does not have an impact on the effectiveness of the image. However, I believe images where bokeh is a main subject, being created for artistic purposes (as opposed to lens reviews) are relatively rare. [Nikon D800ENikkor 28-300 at 68mm, 1/80 f5.6 ISO 12,800, noise reduced with  Topaz DeNoise 6]

So what the heck is bokeh and what is all the hype over it? First, let’s define it. Bokeh refers to the aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas in an image*. Usually it means the specular highlights although I’ve seen bokeh used to refer to any area that is out of focus. To be specific it only refers to out of focus areas, not any other kind of blurring like motion blur.

Why is there so much hype over bokeh? My best answer is that it’s an obsession of photographers and others in the photography industry. If you’ve seen a lens review in the last several years you’ll see lots of attention, even special sections, dedicated to discussing and showing the bokeh of a lens at various apertures and in different situations. I recently ran across a new line of professional lenses from a major manufacturer proudly touting that one of

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