18 Sep Big things in small packages: the Fujinon 50mm F2

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Almost a year ago I did a review of the Fujifilm 35mm f2, and this is what I wrote there:

In fact, as I’ve written in an older post, Fuji ought to continue this trend with the smaller lenses. The 23mm f/2 is on the cards, it seems. Why not see a 16mm f/2 or even a 56mm f/2 in the road-map? Smaller, WR lenses, that sacrifice a stop of light but not optical or use performance. And if the 56mm f/2 seems an odd choice, consider historical examples, such as Zeiss, which had f/1.4 as well as f/2.8 lenses at 85mm. The slower lens was always better edge to edge, smaller and lighter. Ultra shallow DoF is not the only requirement from a high-end optic.

I’m happy that Fujifilm continued to invest on the “small lenses” product line and I’m even more satisfied that they chose to release a 50mm and not a 56mm lens. I had the 50mm f2 for a hands-on test and here is a real-world user review.

First of all, allow me to comment on a number of negative online comments for this lens, from people who didn’t even have the chance to get it in their hands. The “argument” was that this would be a useless addition to the Fuji-X line, the 75mm “equivalent” focal length being “uncommon” and “uninspiring”.

Let me think for a moment for a word defining these kinds of “arguments”… ehmmm… ah! yes: Bullshit. …

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