24 Sep Beyond Film Style Pack for Capture One – A Review for every day photography

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

I do love a good film simulation. That’s what I said to myself when I got to try out the “Beyond Film” style pack from Capture One. It’s actually surprisingly hard to find, especially for Capture One. There are the Mastin Labs films which I covered before, but I find that they’re quite overpowering. I’ve tried in the past to make my own film simulations, and they were ok. The problem is that, at the end of the day, simulating film isn’t necessarily what you want to do. You want to capture the essence of film, but without the drawbacks. And having tried these “beyond film” styles now, that’s what I feel they achieve.

When I created my T-NEG presets, which are no longer available for sale, I tried to make them fairly realistic. I did so by raising the black levels, and softening the image as well as adding grain. They created a nice film look, but this kind of output is more suited to special effects, or creating a very stylised look. It’s probably not ideal for everyday photography. And that’s what I wanted to test with these Styles from Capture One. I wanted to see how they’d work for everyday photography.

Every time you see Style Packs (or Lightroom presets) advertised, they always use professional model shoots, or extreme environment landscape shots, but these kinds of things, aren’t what the average photographer is going to be using the styles on. I get why they do

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