03 Jul Between shades – Sergio Garcia Gavalda

Source: Fujifeed

Light wouldn’t exist without darkness is a universal rule that this street photographer uses with mastery, conceiving scenes where shapes would be nothing without shadows, obscure passages in which people wander with no more purpose than to find a purpose, trying to reach through the darkness that light that will guide them through life itself.   When did you first know you wanted to be a photographer? How did you get into photography?

Well, the truth is that I don’t like to define myself as a photographer: I prefer to say that I take pictures. There are so many people with talent to compare myself with that it doesn’t seem honest to me.

I started in photography around 15 years ago, taking pictures in theaters and performances; I even had an exhibition but, eventually, I set aside and after 8 years without touching a camera, I started taking pictures of the streets of my city, Barcelona.

     What draws you to capture your city in an abstract way? Are you seeing it this way or are you creating an abstract world for your stories to play out into it?

With time, you learn to see the world in an abstract way. When I started doing street photography, I used to take pictures of the life on the streets in a direct way, but a time came in which I took notice that big cities have a lot of information and elements that distract you from what you really want to say.

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