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Street photographers can be quite critical people when it comes to evaluating new cameras. As a Street photographer myself (portfolio here), I want my street cameras to be; compact, non-intrusive, having a fast autofocus, used with a fast prime lens, having a tilt screen, minimalistic in design but with good ergonomics.

One year ago, I received a sample unit of the X-100V. It turned out to be the camera I would shoot most of my 2020 Street/Documentary work with and for me is still the best looking Fujifilm camera around.


The original X-100, then called Fujifilm FinePix X100, was released almost exactly 10 years ago. It was (is) a good looking range-finder like, fixed lens camera with both an optical (OVF) and Electronic viewfinder (EVF), which shook up the compact camera market. It was a very inspirational talk by US photographer, Zack Arias at the Gulf Photo Plus event in Dubai (2011?), that made me buy my first Fujifilm camera back in 2012 and it was the X-E1; quickly nick-named “the Sexy-one”.

While the X100 was initially very slow to focus, through a number of firmware updates and then subsequently newer versions of the camera (X-100S, X-100T, X-100F), the X100 line eventually became very popular with a wide range of Street/Documentary photographers. I would eventually use and test all variants, but never end up owning one… Until recently! 

X-E1 (2012) – X-E4 (2021)

But it is not all about the X-100V

BEST STREET PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA: FUJIFILM X-100V or X-E4? posted on Bjorn Moerman on .

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