25 Mar Best Fuji RAW Converters Tested

Source: Fujifilm Insider

In this video I’m going to test the performance of three of the best Fuji RAW converters to evaluate them against Adobe Lightroom. This is very important. Photographers spend lots of money on cameras and lenses but don’t check the performance of their RAW converter. I’ve chosen to use a Fujifilm RAW file for this exercise (from a Fuji X-T2) as some RAW converters struggle to process the files. Often, they create a wiggly pattern in the fine detail which can look odd and unnatural. The Fuji RAW converters chosen for this test are:

  • 1. Lightroom, used for the baseline.
  • 2. Iridient X-Transformer.
  • 3. Affinity Photo Desktop.
  • 4. Capture One 12 Express Fujifilm.

These in my opinion are some of the best RAW converters you can use for processing Fuji RAW files….

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