13 May Belgium Urbex ~ The Carpet Factory

Source: Pro Photo Nut

This Belgium urbex shoot was a quick one I did with friends just for fun. We shot this abandoned carpet factory in Wevelgem on my day off between my street workshops in Brugge and my corporate shoot in Tienen. In keeping with the urbex code I won’t publish our means of entry. I shot the majority of frames in this set on the Fuji XF14mm lens and a few frames on the XF-23mm lens. I wanted to re familiarise myself with the 14mm field of view ahead of my epic road trip to the USA.

01. There is room after room of exploring to be done at this location. We had just four hours to capture some shots and that left me wanting to go back.

02. The main hall once housed over twenty looms and now there are just three. It must have been deafening in there in times of full production. The chemical containers on the right are full of tallow based lubricant.

03. A corner of one of the many interesting rooms in this factory complex.

04. These rack and pinion gears with phosphor bronze bushes will never be used again. It will be a shame to see these sold for scrap when the site gets redeveloped for housing later this year.

05. These weighted cams lay abandoned on the floor of the workshop. Each one cast and ground to an exact profile.

06. The ladder was perfectly placed next to the doorway into the electrical control room. The canisters…

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