05 Mar Belfast with the X100F

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Some days it is refreshing to just keep it simple. A rare afternoon around Belfast I decided to approach the Fujifilm X100F with a degree of simplicity. Opting just to shoot in JPG model I capped the auto ISO to 800 and adjusted the shutter speed to between 1/500 – 1/2000 to dial in the depth. The camera was set to the ACROS-G film simulation and sharpness +1 shadow -1.

I took a totally casual approach to capturing images, I saw capturing but it process was basically snapping in the general direction of subjects. I refused to engage with the camera or check any of the shots until I was back at the computer.

In Lightroom I reduced the blacks and increased the clarity (max 10) to add a bit of grit to the image. I had to adjust the exposure in one or two of the shots and I used Lightroom’s built in straightening tools for some of the street shots to correct the verticals….

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