22 Dec Before and After, Truth and Lies

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I recently wrote a brief post to the Fuji X-Forums showing my workflow in Adobe Lightroom for post processing. The before and after images sparked an interesting debate. I deliberately chose an image that had pretty significant changes and this led to a discussion on what denotes ‘truth’ in a photograph.

It’s an interesting topic of conversation. How do you know if a scene is ‘real’ or not. This is not Photojournalism this is art?

The thread started amicably enough

Thank you for this. I often look at my RAW files with disappointment in LR6 and whilst I don’t think the tonal split works for me I admire the work you’ve done on the file in LR to get the punch – and explained why you’ve done it. If other people could be persuaded to do similar people like me would learn so much.
Phil.Nice tutorial and first class example of what can be done.
Well done and thanks for that.

Then we have some slightly stronger opinion

I despise this kind of manipulation of landscape images. There is no integrity to it and when you reveal the truth behind it, no inspiration, just a lie. At least to me. I go from thinking wow, what a incredible moment to have experienced and captured to what a let down and what a fraud.

It is one thing to work with an image taken and enhance it: burn, dodge, saturate, de-saturate, crop, vignette, sharpen, soften,…

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