28 Feb Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention

Source: Fuji X Passion

Hello everyone, my name is Adrian Schiefele, I am 28 years old (soon 29!) and I am from Eichstätt, Germany. Besides making music, my biggest passion is doing photography and I would love to talk about this a little bit today!

For a living I work as a graphic/web designer in a big IT company, so the creative side of things is everywhere in my daily life. I started photographing nearly everything I could think of but over the years I specialized myself in landscape, travel and documentary photography since these are the things I enjoy the most doing.

This started a long time ago. My father was always into photography so it was pretty clear I ended up being here too. I remember, as a kid, there was always some sort of camera around and when I hit the age of 6 I got my first film camera and I pretty much annoyed everyone with it.

Parents, Siblings, our cats – nothing and nobody was safe. So I always enjoyed the process of capturing a moment and make it a photograph. Then, in my teens I got my first….

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