28 Nov Battle of the X Portrait lens

Source: Fuji X Passion

So the battle of the sub f/2.0 portrait lenses for the Fujifilm X series is heating up with some of the best lenses I have used to capture anything from my son to a CEO of a huge law firm in Texas USA.

So what are our option’s in Fujifilm’s native short tele portrait lenses…

35mm F1.4 – A ‘magical’ lens, perfect for anyone who loves the 50mm full-frame equiv. look to their images. This lens renders beautifully in every environment and a must for any Fuji X photographers bag; this would be my daily carry lens on an X-T3 body and small messenger bag.

56mm F1.2 – My longest lens currently, this lens has been my bread and butter portrait lens from headshots to weddings for the past 5 years and what can I say that hasn’t already been said before… an amazing lens that renders just amazing with great bokeh & colours. My only niggle in the 5 years is the AF jitter from this lens, causing me to always double-check I got the shot and its in focus.

50mm f1.0 – ‘The One’… Oh, the name fits the lens 100%, a bright, fast lens that renders outstanding images even wide open with equally outstanding bokeh. This lens is the 35 & 50 in one lens as they say in other reviews online, I would go as far as it has some 90mm F2 characteristics in there also making it ‘THE ONE’ – a perfect lens for

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