01 Feb Battle of the Sharpies (XF80mm vs XF90mm)

Source: Joe Jongue


Wow, it’s been more than a year since my last blog post and boy has a lot happened since, during that time, I became a dad, Donald Trump became the most hated person in the world (overtaking Kim Jong-Un) and Fujifilm released a number of goodies such as their medium format GFXs and the long-awaited XF80mmf2.8 Macro lens. So for my first post for 2018, I going to talk about the XF80mm, prior to its release there was much hype and was probably one of the most anticipated lenses to hit the rumour mill, however, after release, it was met with mixed reviews. One particular article had me intrigued claiming that it was too sharp for portraiture. This got me thinking, is it really that sharp to the point that it will become it’s Achilles heel?

Most of the lens comparison reviews out there all talk about sharpness and how certain lenses are better than others in terms of producing tack sharp images, so how is having a sharp lens now become a bad thing? Some may argue the point that it may show flaws in the subject’s skin and that it’ll add unnecessary steps in the workflow during post process as they tone down the sharpness. But then others argue that it’s better to have the extra detail there to work with, you can always tone it down but can never restore sharpness to a blurry image. Regardless, I reached out to my contacts at my local camera

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