16 Aug Batteries for Fuji-X cameras: originals, copies and issues

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Battery life is traditionally considered a weak point for any mirrorless system. To be honest, many complaints with battery life stem from users handling a mirrorless camera just like a DSLR; chimping after each shot while, at the same time, leaving the LCD screen on all the time.

There is no arguing that smaller batteries –usually a standard situation with mirrorless- as well as the need to feed an LCD/EVF constantly, aren’t helping with battery life. Typically one would carry 2-3 spare batteries for a day’s worth of shooting, while a DSLR user could marginally make do with one.

Here is where third party batteries enter the scene since original batteries demand a considerable premium money wise. You can easily pay 60-70 dollars/euro for an original, while third party ones usually go for 15-30. For Fujifilm cameras, in particular, Patona brand batteries are a popular choice in Europe, and Wasabi is a brand users in the US seem to prefer the most.

Up to the second generation, X-Trans II cameras, there were no serious reported problems with respectable third party batteries. Sure, they might last less than Fuji originals, usually at 70-75%, but this was a small price to pay for the cost savings of buying 4 or 5 spares….

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