19 Jul Back on the Street !

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Bean There Coffee Shop

I had no intention of going out today ! I walked Jake early and it was very Hot by the time I got home so decided to have a shower and not go out.

Just as I got in the shower I noticed my X100F sitting on my desk and thought ! Well if I just pop out for a coffee I could just take that.

So after the shower ( still to much information) I grabbed the X100F and put it round my neck. I said to myself “you won’t get anything but take it”

I set of with a clear head and no plan. It was just a quick walk to get coffee and get my eye in with the camera. Just as I walked around the corner in to Allerton Road a bike came towards me, I thought that will do. I half expected it to be out of focus as it was a grab shot but it was fine keeper no 1.

Allerton Road Liverpool

I never expect to get stunning shots on the first day out with a camera and the story will be lacking but it’s surprising what other people see in your work. That’s probably why I hardly ever write anything about my images or title them. I normally just say where they were shot.

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