07 Jun Back in the Darkroom

Source: Fuji Love

Interview with Giulio Limongelli, photographer, printer and inventor of a new technique to print digital files in the darkroom.

“I deal with Photography since 1985. I started in a workshop, my training is therefore Artisan and I care a lot to specify it.

Photography has always been an Artisan practice, from shooting to printing in Darkroom: it all began as apprenticeship, with the title of “boy”, just to become later a master in the exercise of this occupation.
My experience ranges from commissioned photography to photography based on my personal projects: I use to show mine in exhibitions each year. I showed my works in cities like Bologna, Rome, Florence, Milan, Padua, Novafeltria, London.

Obviously I personally print all my works in the darkroom. I public also in trade magazines with articles and my photographs. Moreover in my lab I do Photographic Prints, with the conventional printing process that involves exposure to light and chemical development : I print everything in the darkroom, either films and digital files. I give to other photographers my printing service both in Italy and abroad.”

How do you call your printing technique?
I print digital files in the darkroom using a self- made digital magnifier that I called “Digingranditore”. It is a printing by straight projection through a lens, the most classic of all systems. My technique is simply called “print from digital with genuine silver gelatine paper in the Darkroom”. Before digital cameras it was called simply photografic printing, today I realize

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