15 May Ayla Rose at the Haçienda studio in London

Source: Pro Photo Nut

The following 5 photographs were commissioned for a charity art project that will be revealed soon. In the meantime I thought it worthwhile sharing the reasoning behind the narratives, composition and techniques that I used.

1. I love the simplicity yet complexity of this frame. It seems rudimentary enough. There is a lead into the frame from the bottom left past the well worn pointe shoes, however our eyes land on Ayla first because the contrast on her is higher than in any other part of the frame. I especially like the low contrast rendering of the houses on the other side of the street. The colour palette is calm and of complimentary reds and greens. The composition is on the thirds too. There is a compressed perspective from the 64mm focal length on the GFX camera yet there is a wider viewpoint to the one we are used to seeing with smaller format cameras. All these are supporting attributes to the central subject that is Ayla. What just happened? What’s going through her troubled mind? What does the future hold? These questions exist in the image because I set a narrative. I asked Ayla to put herself in the mind frame where she has just failed an audition. A big opportunity has just passed her by. Those thoughts covey a sense of regret and self disappointment. My first frame in this set was a little too poised and I asked Ayla to slump down a bit in a non dancer way. Taking the tension out of her shoulders was all it needed

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