31 Oct Autumn with the iPhone

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It’s far to easy to take my phone ! It’s just a habit I guess to pick up my phone and glasses and head out with Jake. I probably need to put the little Canon G5x next to my coat and put the camera in my pocket ! The trouble is the iPhone is just so easy ! It’s always with me ( especially after my stroke) and even though you cand use the images for much they are fine most of the time. It’s also quite interesting to see what you can produce from the Apple files.


However it’s not great with darker scenes and I noticed yesterday if there are quite a few bright colours it can get confused ! But on the hole it’s not a bad carry everywhere camera. I have made some quite nice prints at around A4 and might have a go at some larger prints next year. To see how the image files cope. Sometimes the grainy painterly effect works very well with printing.


I will wait until next Autumn and give the G5x and the Iphone12ProMax a printing shoot out and see how they compare ! Just for fun and I expect the G5x will kill the iPhone stone dead

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