27 Oct Autumn Light

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It’s been an amazing few weeks in the UK. The warm but changeable weather has brought some amazing afternoon light !


Unfortunately I have been busy the last few days so have not been unable to get out and shoot. It always amazes me how long people spend standing next to a tripod waiting for great light when it’s just not going to happen. You really do need the right time of year and just the right weather conditions in the UK. The North and Scotland are lucky and so are quite a few coastal areas.


I have been extremely lucky just recently to have travelled around the UK from the New Forrest to the Northern part of the Lake District. I can’t remember the last time I got much of a soaking but I know it won’t be long. In a strange way I can’t wait ! Not that I like getting soaked but you just know once that rain clears if the sun comes out the light will be amazing.


Someone once said to me he struggled to get a really good sunset. I said the trouble is you don’t see many in your lifetime ! You are at work or busy and when you

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