13 Feb Automatically Apply Fuji Film Simulations in Lightroom 9.2

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

One of the new features in the recently released Lightroom 9.2 should particularly appeal to Fuji shooters. Thanks to the new RAW defaults options, you can now automatically apply the correct colour profile to match what you shot in-camera. It’s pretty straightforward to use, so in this post, I’ll show you what to do.

With the popularity of Fuji’s film simulations, the issue of matching the raw files to the Jpegs has always been a bit of a problem for Fuji Shooters. In my experience, some Fuji Shooters tend to use different “Film Simulation Modes” in a single shoot, probably more than the typical photographer would change picture profiles. The problem has always been that if you shoot RAW, the film simulation mode would be lost when you import into Lightroom, and you would have to manually match the simulation mode to the corresponding colour profile. There were some workarounds to this, including a handy plug-in. If you used X-Transformer, there was also a setting in that which could embed the corresponding colour profile in the DNG. Now, with the most recent update to Lightroom, you can do it out of the box.

To set it up, you need to use the new RAW Defaults options. Here’s what to do:

Step 1

Go to Lightroom > Preferences (on a Mac or Edit > Preferences on a PC)

Step 2

Navigate to the Presets tab

Step 4

If you only have one camera, or you want to set this option globally

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