23 Mar Atomos introduces Ninja Inferno off-camera recorder

Source: DP Review

Atomos has launched the Ninja Inferno, the latest in its line of off-camera recorders for video shooters. The Ninja Inferno has almost the exact same feature set as the company’s top of the line Shogun Inferno, including 4K/60p recording, a 1500 nit display with 10-bit color, and the ability to record direct to ProRes or DNxHR formats. It also includes the company’s Atom HDR technology, which matches the Log curves from major camera manufacturers to the Ninja’s display in order to show the full Log signal on the HDR screen, meaning that cinematographers can see vibrant, true to life colors while recording in Log.

The major difference between the Ninja Inferno and its big brother, the Shogun Inferno, is that Atomos has removed a few features that, while important to shooters using high end video equipment, often go unused by DSLR or mirrorless filmmakers. These include SDI plugs, Genlock and Raw recording capability. The result is that Atomos is able to make the Ninja Inferno available at a very aggressive price point of $995, compared to $1995 for the Shogun version.

The Atomos Ninja Inferno mounted on the new Panasonic GH5. Together, these make a compelling combination for a budget filmmaker.

Of particular interest, Atomos is promoting the Ninja Inferno as the ‘ultimate accessory’ for the new Panasonic GH5, and there’s a reasonable case to be made for this. It’s a good match for the GH5’s 10-bit signal and Log video, but more importantly it supports 4K/60p 4:2:2 recording, one of the GH5’s more prominent features….

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