18 Aug Atomos brings EOS R5 8K ProRes RAW to its NinjaV+

Source: DP Review

Atomos has announced a firmware update for its Ninja V+ monitor/recorder enabling 8K output from the Canon EOS R5 to be encoded as ProRes RAW.

The upgrade allows the camera’s Raw video stream to be recorded for extended periods (typically up to the capacity of the Ninja V+’s media or the battery life of the camera), in an industry-standard format that reduces the need for import plugins. The Raw footage allows control over both ‘ISO’ and White Balance, in software such as Final Cut Pro.

The ProRes RAW captured should contain the full Raw data that the camera can capture internally, but offer wider software compatibility and fewer restrictions during capture.

Raw recording on the R5 is usually limited to either 29 minutes, 59 second or by the thermal cut-off of the camera. Initiating recording from the Ninja V+ avoids the 29:59 limit and the reduced processor load inside the camera significantly lowers the risk of overheating.

Atomos stresses how small and light the EOS R5 is, even with a Ninja V+ recorder attached

The update only applies to the more expensive Ninja V+, as the older Ninja V doesn’t have the processing power to cope with the large amounts of data generated by 8K/30p Raw. 1TB of storage allows the capture of around 45 minutes of footage. NinjaV users gain 5K/30p ProRes RAW capture from a cropped region of the EOS R5’s sensor.

The company points out that

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