21 Jun Articulate Seeing

Source: Olafs Photoblog

A few weeks ago, I came across a fascinating article by Don Craig, a photographer and friend from Victoria, British Columbia, titled “Articulate.” Although most of the piece deals with the medium format GFX, Don raised an issue I found most interesting. The leading thought was “striving to be fluent, effective, persuasive, lucid and expressive.”

When reading Don’s piece, I remembered our discussion about photography, which centred around the question “What are we looking for in photography?” At one point Don said, “I would like to have something to say” (I hope I remember the exact quote – Don please correct me if I am wrong). He certainty hit the right note, as a similar thought has been hovering in my head for months.

When working with students and discussing their imagery, one of the questions I sometimes ask them is: “Why did you take this photo?” Quite often I hear “I don’t know.” This is a big problem with photography, including my own! It is so easy to take photos that we stop thinking why we are doing it. It becomes a habit, an addiction of a sort. I know I am going against the common wisdom of “take as many images as you can to get better” but I strongly believe that shooting just for the sake of it can actually hurt you as a photographer.

I refer to the pressure from social media to deliver a constant flow of imagery to be consumed, viewed, liked, shared and

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