03 Aug Art v Photography

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Just as I was getting back in to my street photography the weather changed. It’s one of those things that are character building.

Colour Street Photography requires consistency and getting the lighting right means I get the image consistency in camera. So a change in the weather from bright sunny days to overcast rainy days really does put me off. The beauty of living in the UK.

The only saving grace is windows ! No matter what the weather the amazing light in shop and coffee shop windows gives me the texture and tone I used to love in my black and white coffee shops and windows project. These amazing colours and reflections really do help on dull days.

Now I am getting back in to art I have a million ideas floating around my head both for Street photography and for my art projects! All I have to do now is get the balance right !

My sketchbook is getting plenty of attention at the moment as I re practice making marks on paper. The photography has been pushed to one side. I really do need to get the balance right ! No doubt that will come over time.

One thing is for sure I have some amazing ideas for

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