28 Oct Anxiety

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Strap in this is going to be a long and bumpy one !

I have always suffered from Anxiety from an early age. Not going it to to much detail but my upbringing did not help. My childhood left me waiting for the next telling off or the next beating. Being Dyslexic and Adopted I was really up against it in a house of high achievers. Dyslexics learn at a different rate. To give you an example a simple task like tying shoe laces takes a lot longer so you would end up starting school not being able to tie them ! This was unexpected in my house so the angry lessons would start with being shown then it was your turn with every fail you would receive a wack around the head. At school it was not much better and corporal punishment was the method of the day ! Being Dyslexic trust my I have been hit with just about everything from a wooden spoon to a plimsole with a golf ball in the toe to being knocked out by a block of frozen Apple in a carrier bag.

So you could say I had an interesting education !

When my youngest son was getting ready for school we brought him Velcro Shoes ! As far as I was concerned he can learn laces at a later date. When he

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