02 Mar Anxiety In Street Photography Can Be A Terrible Feeling To Live With

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NOTE: This is a Guest Blog post written by Dan Ginn exclusively for www.streethunters.net.

Anxiety can be a terrible feeling to live with. It can be so constant in your life that it follows you even more than your own shadow. Over thinking situations combined with creating fear within moments that haven’t even happened, can be all too damaging to a person’s all-round wellbeing. I constantly live my life battling my own anxiety, sometimes in healthy ways and sometimes in not so healthy ways. I find myself in a constant fight to find peace and contentment. Anxiety affects me in all walks of life; work, friendships, relationships right through to making day to day decisions. With this in mind, it is not a surprise it also creates conflict within my art, even in times when I am trying my best to use it as inspiration to do something creative.


The streets are riddled with anxiety


I love street photography, and when my photographic journey comes to an end, it is the sub-genre I want to look back on and say “this is what I excelled at the most”. I feel that sense of freedom and tranquillity, especially in the moments when I find, and then take, the shot. The problem with street photography is that aside from war photography, it is the sub-genre that poises the most risk, or at least that is what my mind tells me.

I do not like confrontation. I move quickly to play things down or make light of a situation. Confrontation requires a certain level of maturity, something my anxiety has not always enabled me to develop to a level that I am comfortable with. I especially do not like confrontation in moments when I am doing something that I love. It is…

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