27 Nov An X-T3, After a Month With No Camera

Source: Fuji Love

I always have a camera on me. This is a fact of the last 10 years. I don’t always use that camera but it’s there in the bag – a comforting bulk that makes a picture possible. Well that changed for a little while. I’d left all of my cameras in Iraq, since I’m going back there next year, and returned to Singapore with no gear at all. 38 days with no camera. I’ve been somewhat bereft. Much of my waking day involves doing stuff around imagery, but with no instrument to actually make images with, this side activity felt pointless, even though I knew that the lull is a temporary one. It’s a strange thing, this need to have a camera in hand, and how altered the world feels without it. Like many of you, I, too, have a habit of finding images wherever I happen to be, whatever I happen to be doing. All of this is based on knowing that the picture could be made if desired. Not having the option to fulfil that desire makes the appreciation of the way light falls on anything sadly hollow. Yes, I’ve been experiencing major withdrawals. I’ve had a smartphone …

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