30 Jul An update on my Fuji Guides

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I wrote a little while ago about plans to update my Fuji guides at some point, and I’ve had a few people asking me about it. The situation is a little more complicated, so read on for details on what’s happening, or why there has been a delay.

For those not familiar, over the past few years, I’ve published a number of eBooks about various aspects of Fuji cameras, and specifically how to process the Fujifilm raw files in various applications. It’s been a while since I’ve updated some of these now and they’re getting a bit out of date. In fact, I’ve decided to put some of these on an “end of life” sale because of the fact that they’re no longer up to date (with a fairly significant disclaimer).

So why haven’t you updated?

The reason I haven’t updated is that I don’t own a working current generation Fujifilm camera. My X-Pro2 stopped working just before the Pandemic and I never got around to sending it for repair. The X-Pro 2 is also a bit out of date compared to the newer cameras too, so I would really need to update to a modern camera in order to write a new eBook.

The problem is, with the pandemic and other factors, it’s just not been economically viable for me to invest in a new camera just to write about it at the moment.

The other thing is that, it’s been so long now since they

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