08 Sep An Ode to FujiFilm

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Over 3 years ago I sold all my pro Nikon DSLR and move over to the Fujifilm mirrorless platform.

In some ways it was a leap of faith as Fujifilm had not released there telephoto zoom XF 100-400mm. And the FujiFilm XT-1 was not by any means a Wildlife Photographers camera. But why? I can hear you say. Two reasons

Commercial. The writing was on the cards, DSLR was slowly dying, pure evolution. I wanted to get the best price for my second hand Nikon gear. I did! If I had left it longer I would financially had taken a big hit.
“Kaizen” (改善) Continual improvement. When I met with Fujifilm South Africa topman Eslie Basson he promised that FujiFilm was in the mirrorless market for the long haul. And the Road map for FujiFilm Lens and Cameras will happen, that there would be continual improvement “Kaizen” in the form of firmware updates!

3 years later I have Fujifilm XT-2 ands the XF 100-400mm the best Wildlife Photography combination in my humble opinion. Check out my blog post why?

Now I am more than happy with the AF of my Fujifilm XT-2, but apparently FujiFilm believe they can improve not just a little but make it twice as fast. Seriously twice as fast!! Wow even I as write my mind is exploding…

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